We understand the needs of each client are different and that you have questions as you evaluate your options. Here are some frequently asked questions that may provide some preliminary information. We encourage you to visit our Get In Contact page to connect with one of our skilled professionals who can assist and help you start formulating a plan.

How far in advance do I need to call before I can start services?

Normally, we ask for 48-hours of notice before services begin.  This allows us the time to get to know the client and formulate a service plan.  In the event of a last minute request, every effort will be made to provide services.

What is the cost of services?

Solutions for Living at Home charges for services by the hour, with a 4 hour minimum for each visit.  (Exception: some one-hour services are available to residents of the Still Hopes campus).  Services can be provided 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Contact us for more pricing information.

Can I change my schedule if I have conflicting appointments?

Yes, schedules may be varied as needed.  Solutions for Living at Home strives to be as flexible as possible in meeting each unique need.  Schedule changes can be directed to Staffing/Scheduling Coordinators at 803.223.6173.

What if I change my mind and don’t want to continue services?

There is no obligation to continue services. You may cancel at any time. 

What kind of screening do employees undergo?

Prospective employees are carefully screened.  A drug test, physical, tuberculin skin test, MVR check, motor vehicle insurance verification and a national background check are conducted to determine eligibility for hire.

How do I pay for services?

Solutions for Living at Home is predominately paid for privately.  Some long-term care insurance providers cover services, so be sure to check your policy. Solutions for Living at Home bills on the 8th of each month for the previous months services.  For example, on January 8th the bill will be mailed for services rendered in the month of December.  Clients have the option of paying by automatic bank draft or paying by check. 

How are the Solutions Partners hours worked tracked?

Solutions Partners use a mobile application on their phones to clock-in and clock-out. This system allows the Solutions Management Staff to ensure that employees are arriving to shifts on time.  If the Solutions Partner is more than 15 minutes late a notification will be sent to the office and the office will provide the appropriate follow up.

What if my regular caregiver is not available for a shift?

If your regular Solutions Partner is not available you will receive a call from the office asking if you would like a substitute for the particular shift.  

How do I contact someone after hours?

Solutions for Living at Home is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to meet your needs. Contact us at 803-223-6173.

Can my Solutions Partner provide transportation?

Yes, we are happy to provide transportation. Solutions Partners may either drive the client’s car or their own personal car. If the Solutions Partner drives his or her own personal car, there is a mileage fee. 

We also provide wheelchair transportation assisted by a Solutions Partner.

Do you provide services in the hospital or in an assisted or skilled nursing facility?

Yes, Solutions for Living at Home provides services in a hospital setting, assisted living, skilled nursing, or home environment.

Do you offer home care supplies?

Yes, Solutions for Living at Home can provide and deliver home care supplies. See a Solutions representative for a list of products and pricing.

Do you offer private nursing services?

Yes, we have Registered Nurses (RN’s) that manage medications, perform injections, wound care, wellness checks and other services.  Call the Solutions office and we will create a plan that is right for you.