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Without dementia, your senior might have walked guests to the door to wave them on their way when it was time for them to go. Once dementia starts to take hold, however, that can change how your senior responds when it’s time for visitors to go. She might work herself into a terrible emotional state. Some of these ideas can make those departures a little less of a trial for her.

Distract Your Senior from What’s Happening

Distraction is a technique that works for people with dementia. Sometimes caregivers and family members feel awkward or guilty using distraction to help people to leave, but it can really be helpful. Introducing activities that your senior enjoys or even just taking her to another room while visitors slip out might be the easiest way to get things done. When your elderly family member comes back into the room, she may not notice for a while that her visitor has left. This can be far less traumatic for your senior than watching someone leave after a visit.

Switch Some Activities Around a Bit

Sometimes it’s a good idea to rearrange your senior’s schedule a little bit. While people with dementia do thrive on routines and schedules, it doesn’t hurt to occasionally move something up or down a little bit in the timeline. Perhaps when your elderly family member’s visitor is ready to leave, she has lunch right then instead of waiting a little while. This is especially helpful if your elderly family member has been entertaining her visitor in the living room and usually eats in the kitchen or dining room. Relocating her for the next activity can help her to draw a line between those experiences, allowing the visitor to leave with a little less fanfare.

Try a Variety of Techniques

Every technique might not necessarily work every time. You may find that you need to try out a variety of different techniques here and there to find the right combination for your senior’s needs. It might help to work with elderly care providers with this sort of issue. They’ve got experience in helping adults with dementia get past their upset at having family members leaving to go elsewhere. Their tips can help you to find a solution that makes this an easier situation for your elderly family member.

It’s always tough to see your elderly family member in an unhappy emotional state. Unfortunately, visitors can’t stay for undetermined amounts of time. If leaving is difficult for some of your senior’s visitors, try some of these ideas to see if they give her and you a little more peace.


Excerpt: Some of your senior’s visitors might find that with dementia, it’s a little more difficult to take their leave. These tips can help.


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