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Have most of you basically melted into a puddle by this point? Because we have. With temperatures frequently topping 100 degrees in the last couple of weeks, it is safe to say it’s officially summer in the south. While the hot temperatures definitely make for some fun days out at the lake, beach or pool, it’s also important to know how you can keep yourself safe in this heat. Check out the Top 7 Ways to beat the Heat and Say Cool During the Summer, according to

1) Know your body’s best cooling points

If you’re trapped in the heat and aren’t able to find a cooler place, then you can apply an ice pack, or cold towel to your cooling points. This can include wrists, forehead, etc. By knowing your cooling points, you’ll be able to cool yourself off faster and more effectively.

2) Keep your room cool  

Sleeping in the heat is the absolute worst because it often prevents you from getting the proper rest that you need in order to function the next day. Try closing off your bedroom door to keep the air in or maybe even getting a box fan to circulate more cool air.

3) Exercise comfortably

Try to get a gym membership and avoid exercising in the heat. But if that’s not something that is possible, try to exercise early in the day before the hottest temperatures set in. There are some great alternative exercises such as swimming and various other water sports that can definitely get the job done.

4) Avoid eating hot foods

Eating anything hot will only amplify the effects of the heat.

5) Get a portable fan

6) Take precautions to avoid excessive sweat

There are tricks you can use to counter excessive sweating. You can try putting on deodorant the night before. Your sweat glands are more active in the morning which causes your deodorant to be less effective.

7) Drink more water

We tend to sweat a lot more in the summer so it is important to stay hydrated. To be safe, you should follow the 8 by 8 rule which states that you should drink eight 8-ounce glasses of fluid a day. If water isn’t your favorite, try to add some flavor packets to make it taste better.

** Also, another way to boost your hydration is by eating foods that have a high water content. Raw foods are great for the summer, especially berries which happen to be readily available this time of year. Some great options are:


We hope you enjoyed this article and found it useful to help keep you comfortable this summer season!